Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DIAPER LOVERS 4 Pee and Diaper Fetish movie

If you love naughty and cheeky diaper girls getting wet and soggy pussies in the nappies you will love the movie Diapeer Lovers 4!!

Starring diaper loving cuties Harmony, Ayla, Katie, Suzie, Allyssa and Gemma and Foxy, that's 7 super cute and naughty little British diaper lovers! They love to wear their diapers like good little nappy girls and fill them to the brim with hot pee! This movie features lots of sexy diaper wetting, open peeing, desperation and masturbation. Download the hot pee pee diaper fetish movie here!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Naughty little diaper girl

Clare Fonda puts bratty girl Isobel Wren in a diaper just like a naughty little girl then she takes the diapered brat accros her lap and spanks her naughty diapered bottom till her cheeks burn bright red!!

Isobel Wren does a lot of sexy poses in her diaper and her Aunt Clare makes sure she knows it is no free ride staying with her. Isobel is diapered and spanked as well as having lotion put on her bottom.

After spanking her sexy ass red Clare powders her pretty pink pussy and puts a diaper on her freshly spanked red ass!!

What a cute little spanked diaper girl!

Isobel Wren plays a pretty young lady who goes to stay with her strict Aunt. Her aunt is burdened by her coming to stay and recalls that when he niece was younger she would wet the bed. She does not want any accidents on the couch. She puts Isobel in her diaper and when she catches Isobel playing with herself, takes her OTK and spanks her. This is is nice long video where some diaper punishment is involved.

Hot and humilaiting nasty diaper fetish and spanking fetish erotica,YUMMY!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AdorableTwin Diaper Girls

Anthia with twin sister Hanah wearing diapers and having naughty fun together.
These 2 18 year old, almost identical twins have so much fun togeher, and look so good and natural together, you just can't help but love them.
They love playing togheter and being silly girls in their diapers!
Their tushys look so cute in diapers as they bend over in bed for you!!